To the many friends and fans of Josefus, the ones I know personally, and many more whose names and faces I do not know:

You are dear to me and I cherish each and every one of you. We have not done near enough to musically nurture you over the years.

For the band and myself I apologize for that.

We continue striving to correct it. This month we were to play shows in Austin and Houston. We were also going to spend time working on more music for a new album. Regrettably that won't happen for a while.

My skull has a hole in it more than an inch across from brain surgery on Nov. 23rd. It became wickedly infected with a highly resistant bacteria and it's been trying real hard to kill me.

It won't if I stay where I am and keep receiving a specific antibiotic intravenously. It doesn't work in pill form.

I'm down, but I'm not out. I've been writing new stuff. Don't give up on us. We'll get together soon.

I swear it!

Kraazy Pete

February 9, 2017

Pete's home for most of January & February 2017