Dave Mitchell's Guitar Orchestra


Dance of the Tongues
On the Video page, just for fun, is a
spoof of movie credits set to this track.

Lonesome Moonrise
Part one of a longer album track.

The title is a combination of the
words memorial and meditation.

Mower But Slower
A complete track from the album.
It really is 'slower' - until the ending.

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These four were combined with holiday tracks
in 2007 and distributed through CD Baby.
You can listen to the rough mixes here.

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Dave's description :

I originally wrote and arranged this album to be on vinyl, where each side has a beginning and an ending. After I recorded two tracks for a 70s compilation EP, it all went on hold.

In the 80s and 90s, most of my time was spent on family and work. My official career was in computers, and I wore a tie to the office every day. The music only existed in my living room.

When I started to work on it again in recent years, it felt different. Or at least I did. I still love to rock, but I've learned to love many other styles of music, too.

Dave Mitchell's Guitar Orchestra