Three days after Pete's 70th birthday bash, pictured above, he went into Methodist Hospital for a surgical procedure to clear a blood vessel behind one of his eyes that had been causing a facial twitch for more than a decade.

After a week in the hospital and another couple of weeks recuperating with friends, he was emergency admitted back into a hospital with infection in the wound behind his ear.

It didn't respond to treatment and he was eventually readmitted to Methodist to have the incision reopened, cleaned, and closed, this time by a plastic surgeon to try and minimize further complications. Josefus played a show in February with a series of guest singers filling in for Pete.

After several weeks of intravenous antibiotic treatments, Pete was finally released on February 25th. He spent his first hours of freedom working with Dave on four new songs for the still-to-come new Josefus album.

All that time spent alone helped rejuvenate Pete's creative flow, and songs that have been stuck for one reason or another have now started to come together.

For two years Pete and Dave have been having a friendly tug-of-war over what Josefus should do next. The year 2015 saw the start of studio recordings, live performance video, and efforts to play more live shows. Indecision has seriously slowed most of these projects.

The complications after Pete's surgery gave us a (sorry, Mr. Trump) HUGE wake-up call. We never know when our music might come to an end. We have resolved to start doing more and doing it faster.

We know one thing for sure. We want to keep writing and performing music for as long as we still can. Keep watching the website for more news.

Here is a revised link to
Pete's February message.